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Cosmetic Doctor


alternative career for doctors in aesthetic

The field of cosmetic medicine is a thriving industry but

Aesthetic medicine live took place last weekend on 17th and

Non-Medical Careers in Aesthetic Medicine

Demand for aesthetic training from non-medical professionals is on the

Mechanism of Bonta - Pain Management

Long before, the use of Botulinum toxin started for treating

Process of PDO thread degradation

PDO or polydioxanone is a well-known thread used in PDO

From Knife to Needle

Aesthetic or cosmetic medicine comprises all medical procedures that are

How To Prevent Nerve Damage While Using Injectable Fillers

In different non-surgical facial procedures, fillers are used to inject

Lip Fillers - What Product to Use

Lips form a focal component of facial aesthetics enabling individuals

Cosmetic Cowboys

Aesthetic medicine is well known to be a controversial sector


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Aim of treatment To slim the calves or correct asymmetry between

my first date with Nose Job Treatment

Noses. Officially the one area to treat that has always

Kylie Jenner

In the past few years Kylie Jenner has taken the


Botox, Fillers, threads, peels…the list goes on. Every day we

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